X&Y, Furniture for Growth
X&Y brings to you furniture pieces from nature, as full of life as our children. Caring, peppy and playful. Our products are catalyst to a child's healthy growing years.
At X&Y, the entire furniture line has been crafted keeping two important things in mind:
First– Our Children: The designs are simple, practical, sturdy, easy to clean and of course stylish which would complement any decor, be it bedroom, living room, playroom & even school etc.
Second - Sustainability: The construction material used is FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood and construction methods are such that we don't require enormous amount energy to build, it is quick & simple.  All the packaging materials which we used is completely eco-friendly.
We also plant a sapling to every piece of furniture sold.
All the products have been designed with:
1)        An interlocking joinery technique which can be assembled quickly & disassembled easily for storage
2)        All the furniture pieces are flat – pack which allow us to carry easily from one place to other
3)        For the safety of kids all the products have rounded corners. No nails and hammers needed for joining furniture.
4)        All paints & polish used are Non – Toxic, no VOC for healthy atmosphere.

All products have been crafted with lots of love & care.
Made in India

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